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This spicy enlightenment pictured above is straight up togarashi and its big brother shichimi togarashi is pictured underneath.

When you are looking for focused attack without distraction out of your spice then straight togarashi is your candidate but if what you are eating could do with some help then shichimi togarashi will deliver dynamic toasty, savoury, bright notes with the heat combined.
The shichimi can have various ingredients although, as the word notes, it should have seven to include amongst its possibilities – chili(obviously!), white/black sesame seed, ground ginger, sansho (japanese grown sichuan pepper), yuzu peel, poppy seed, orange peel, ground seaweed and lastly the wonderfully exotic and youthful sounding hemp seed!
I always have 3 or 4 on hand including this one i just found from Okinawa that contains dried lemongrass in the mix that seduces you with its nubile ebullience before taking you down with unrelenting fury, if at least for a few glorious moments!

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