Koji kin (aspergillus oryzae)

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Understanding this essential ingredient in Japanese food culture will bring you closer to it and perhaps even inspire in you some fresh ideas on its application and possible uses in the quest for deliciousness.

This invisible dream weaver is responsible for the production of miso, sake, amazake, soy sauce, rice vinegar and shio koji which you can make by checking the link to our recipehttp://www.shokujapan.com/recipe/shio-koji/  The end result of making shio koji physically is a product that looks like watery rice pudding but its perceived impotence is only in looks as this grand gift from nature has powerful transformation abilities which will blow your mind. The Japanese have been using shio koji for centuries as an ingredient or a seasoning and it is wickedly proficient at fermenting, protecting foods from harmful bacteria and its strong enzymes tenderise proteins leaving them succulent and delicious with a little time.

As always with our posts, we will keep it short and sweet as the more time you are reading the less you are cooking and there are plenty of science professionals out there writing about this mold which i encourage you to embrace.

I bought the koji kin from-  https://tomiz.com and on the back of the packet which was around ¥100 (60 pence/90 cents)there is instructions on making miso, shio koji and amazake providing you with the tools to go deep into Japanese food culture albeit in a very basic way but from this starting point you can elaborate and build on your skills so get cracking !



Author: jason toner