Sardines (iwashi)

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At this time of year during the wet transition from spring into summer, you will have sardines available from your supplier or supermarket. They are even called Tsuyu(rain season)Iwashi as they are extremely tasty at this time of year and also through the end of summer. As one of the most exploited fish in the seas they are also so abundant and perish so quickly that they are used as fertiliser for cotton plants!

In the Edo period they would be grilled or air dried due to the short shelf live and even nowadays its common to grill or marinate them in vinegar but fresh is best in my opinion.

Just look at the credentials on these guys, tasty as all hell, environmentally sound, low in mercury, high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids and super cheap.

If you have an extremely fresh product I strongly suggest trying them raw as the taste, texture and mouthfeel is extraordinary. If you were feeling less than confident about the prospect, a touch of ponzu drizzled or brushed over them might give you more confidence and thus pleasure.

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Author: jason toner