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Addictive deliciousness just pulled from the garden …


Summertime needs beer and edamame and there is no taste like the real thing from your garden or vegetable source, no need to bother with the imposter from the frozen veg section as you’ll be missing out on the fresh mineral and vibrant grassy notes of these incredible soy beans.

If you ask the Japanese chef or home cook how to cook them you will get different, sometimes passionate, advice falling into 3 main categories. 1-massage them with salt and then cook in boiling water. 2-boil them in salted water and 3-boil them in unsalted water then sprinkle with salt. After this they are served hot or cold.

I prefer to cast them into heavily salted boiling water, pull them out a little after they come back to the the boil and serve with Maldon on the table.

One way to jazz up some mediocre beans if you can’t get your mitts on fresh ones is by grilling them and serving with umeboshi shiso hollandaise for dipping.

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Author: jason toner