Oyster mushroom(Hiratake)

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These mushrooms had me mesmerized the moment I opened the pack, which I don’t believe should have been a sealed airtight affair allowing for sweating and general degradation but perhaps this storage choice added to the aromas of the woods with sharp pine citrus highs and weighty juniper mid notes consummating the arrangement with fermented fruit tones and a symphony of diverse tannin forward grape must seduction. Sometimes there is a similarity between mushrooms and beer in the aroma  vs taste department . You will detect intricately weaved nuances of otherworldly smell only to be brought down somewhat but the reality of taste which is sometimes at odds but these are still some classy, delicious morsels that we welcome at the beginning of autumn. A popular way to enjoy them in Japan is in sukiyaki, tempura and mixed into rice. I also enjoy them sautéed in some good Hokkaido butter and tossed with a splash of soy sauce to finish.

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Author: jason toner