5 day Koji-aged striploin steak

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I have come to love and respect Koji for its many applications resulting in the most delicious of viands and this is yet another domain where it shines. Dry aged meats are hard to beat and I’m not saying Koji rubbed meat is better but it’s different and extremely tasty. The difference comes with aroma, texture and of course taste and for me when you include cost and time in the end product the Koji version wins hands down! (Sorry my steak house brethren)

Aging/curing protein can be a complex process the deeper you get into it but if you are trying it for the first time it is very simple and don’t be put off by white fuzz, it’s totally safe(well at least 99.9%!!)

Seriously, powder some Koji inoculated rice grains in a spice grinder. Sprinkle over desired protein as you would with salt only perhaps 3 times more. Let it sit on a rack in your fridge then taste the best version of that meat possible. Just take it easy with the heat and let it rest well as the Koji essentially cures the surface and it will caramelize real fast so slow down.

If you try this once, it will be a regular fixture in your culinary repertoire .


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Author: jason toner