Aloe Vera

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In the West its best known as a coolant in aftersun products and in Japan you will see it in every convenience store as a somewhat sweet yogurt product which works really well other than the sweet part so if you get fresh aloe, skin it and boil it quickly for about 20 seconds(depending on the volume you use, I’m talking about 100 grams in a litre of water) chill it and then diced it up and add to good quality yogurt that will make sense taste wise in the summer and also have a remarkable cooling effect which is most welcome during this intensely hot summer we are experiencing.

Eating aside, after a good while sunbathing, thanks to a great book. My formerly pasty and now bright red skin was very happy indeed to receive the slimy flesh of this plant after I took off the skin with a sharp blade.

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Author: jason toner