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Pickled new ginger (gari)

Gari as it's known in sushi restaurants is simply new ginger (shin shoga)that has been pickled in a salt,sugar, vinegar mix. It gets its pink hue from the colored tips of the young ginger and not from food coloring as is sometimes thought.

  By jason toner

Shio koji

Add verve and swagger to meats, vegetables, vinegars, soups etc with this basic shio koji. It may not look like much, but the reason people who are in the know about Shio Koji profess the upmost enthusiasm for it do so because it transforms the most rudimentary cut of meat into a succulent dining experience of opulent proportions with umami to spare. Don't miss out...

after you have the first batch under your belt its time to start experimenting with different flavours!


  By jason toner

Yuzu Koshyo

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