Kappabashi-dori (kitchen town)

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Ok, this place is a mecca for anyone interested in all things kitchen. Its been around for over a hundred years and has nearly 200 stores close to the tourist trap and main entertainment district of Asakusa. It is, even in the age of Amazon, an essential resource as you can buy veg ribbon makers, apple corers, Japanese mandolin`s online, delivered to your door and probably cheaper than Kappabashi.
But there is one thing you probably shouldn’t or wouldn’t really want to buy online…KNIVES! Yes, the sheer joy of walking into a reverent bastion of glistening handcrafted metal is intoxicating.
*best bet* be sure to arm yourself with cash if you plan to haggle. I`ve been successful but many shopkeepers will not go down that route so be respectful and deploy plenty of charm, you know what to do!

Check out the official Kappabashi site for hours/location etc

Author: jason toner