Firefly squid (Hotaru ika)

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Regular squid (ika) are embraced with mild enthusiasm and the giants elicit fear but from March to June, these beautiful creatures flash their mesmerizing neon shimmer along the shoreline of Toyama bay and gourmands get very excited .

These bioluminescent cephalopods are a marvel of nature if the conditions are right and you are lucky enough to witness them and their stunning electric blue oscillation and they are just as exciting if you find them in waiting at the fish market.

The dance…

Raw and ready, don’t be shy…

They can be used in all manner of preparations like tempura, stew, various salads and the starting point will usually be boiled morsels. The best way to eat them is straight out of the sea removing at least their eyes first but the next best thing is to eat them raw with perhaps just a little soy sauce or ponzu. Your fishmonger will let you know if they are fresh enough and if you are not falling in love, you can always boil or grill the rest.

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Author: jason toner