Rakkyo (pickled shallots)

  By jason toner  

June 15, 2017

Get your pickle on with these delicious shallots as a garnish for japanese curry, snack with Shochu or sliced and added to cha han.


1 kg Chinese onion(Japanese shallot!)

100 g natural salt

300 g rice wine vinegar

drinkable water to cover completely in non reactive container

150 g granulated sugar


1Cover rakkyo with water in a non reactive vessel and add salt. Give it a good shake and leave at room temperature for 3 days.

2Drain shallots and in the same vessel add sugar, vinegar then rakkyo and refrigerate for around 3 weeks.

I find for these ratios of salt/sugar and time, three weeks is a desirable period in which to let them bathe, you might prefer a week or 2, perhaps even longer...

They will last longer in the fridge than is necessary as salivation at the mere sight will propel rapid stock reduction!