Kamakura farmers market

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Kamakura is an interesting and opulent place to visit if Japanese history and temples are your thing. On the other hand, chilling or indeed partying at the beach is also an option if you wish but for me, i go for the veggies.

There is a rotation of farmers who are as unique and varied as their vegetables(eccentric young Hungarian chap who’s been farming in japan for almost 20 years springs to mind) and although the offerings are mostly standard seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, you will see unusual goodies like fennel, beets, rutabaga etc so your visit there will be rewarded with a bonus.

The quality of the vegetables range, as you’d expect, from decent to excellent with the standard very good. I`ll grab a book and be down there by train in less than an hour from Yokohama then either head back to the house and jam in the kitchen with my ingredients if i have the day off, or i`ll go straight to the restaurant and integrate the bounty into the menu for the night. Kamakura is definitely worth exploring but not with a bag full of vegetables and if you don’t go early, the good stuff will be gone so go for the veggies and reward yourself.

Getting there is straightforward, go right out of the station and follow the side road round to the main road as if going to the beach, cross the road and you’ll walk right to it in around 5 minutes.

Author: jason toner