Clam digging (Shio higari)

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Seafood bounty after a few hours of therapeutic family engagement by the ocean, Yokosuka.

My daughter loves to engage in this Japanese seasonal pastime and family get together that is clam digging. I have one confession to make which I feel guilty about and will duly have to apologize for in time perhaps choosing father  Christmas in the same conversation. I recently found out that the places where families go and pay a few hundred yen to enjoy digging for these delicacies actually dump the clams from elsewhere!!

Anyway, revelation aside it is a wholly enjoyable experience for the family and you are sure to find some nice surprises in the form of various sea creatures most of which will be edible.

If driving, a cooler box and simple gardening claws are all you need along with patience. If you take the train, any convenience store close by will have all you need.

Author: jason toner