What’s in season…?

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Local veg and the honor system, righteous!

Seasonality is embraced wholeheartedly in Japan and vegetable lockers are a great place to get your healthy, delicious fix whilst supporting your local farmer. The unmanned open shelves are the best as you get to inspect up close before choosing and it’s also nice to be reminded that you are living in a fairly honest society where no self respecting citizen would contemplate helping themselves!

The shot above is a coin locker in my neighborhood which is always full of Japanese staples as well as cauliflower, broccoli etc.

Whatever you find, by all means try preparing it the way the locals do and asking the farmer is always a good start. When you are comfortable with the vegetable if it’s something unfamiliar, get creative and make an original preparation as this is how we can contribute something delicious back, even if it’s just an idea.

Right now, April 1st, the turnips and daikon are fading out although you’ll get them all year at larger markets.

Nanohana (rapini) is still abundant and delicious .

Bamboo shoots are coming in now and perhaps not at their peak or even in great condition because of weather but still pretty good and easy enough to make delicious.


Author: jason toner