Pickled new ginger (gari)

  By jason toner  

September 15, 2017

Gari as it's known in sushi restaurants is simply new ginger (shin shoga)that has been pickled in a salt,sugar, vinegar mix. It gets its pink hue from the colored tips of the young ginger and not from food coloring as is sometimes thought.


New ginger 100g

White sugar 10g

Rice wine vinegar 150g

Salt 5g


1In a pot on the stove, bring vinegar, salt and sugar to a boil.

2As you wait to get your boil on, thinly slice the ginger and put into container/jar that it will call home.

3When the vinegar reaches the boil, pour over the ginger.

4Allow the vinegar to cool down to room temperature then store in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

This is no time to practice your knife skills so use a mandoline and slice it super thin. As you would expect from new ginger, it is more delicate and floral that it's older more robust counterpart so you don't want to be eating big fat slices of it. If you are unable to source shin shoga or it's out of the summer season and you want to make this with regular ginger, you might want to add some water to the pot and actually add the ginger into the water, sugar, salt and vinegar cooking it for a few minutes or so just to soften it slightly.

Try this recipe and after you do, don't hesitate to make it your own. Salt, sugar and acidity can come from anywhere. Miso, honey and yuzu juice would make for an exciting variation...